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23.04.2019 Great full day Medical Team Training day!

Great full day Medical Team Training day at Siegerland Airport, led by our Medical Director Gert Muurling and our Chief Flight Nurse Stella Schneider.
Topics covered:

• Certified EZ-IO trainings course.
• Intubation strategy in LJ31/35 (face to face intubation, Airtraq, alternative airway).
• Safe patient loading and unloading LJ 31/35.
• Introduction to non-technical equipment and drug kit, pre and post flight tasks.
• Operational Requirements
• Emergency exits LJ35/55.
• New AAM patient observation sheet

02.04.2019 ECMO transport of a 36-year-old male from the Canary Islands to the UK

ECMO transport of a 36-year-old male from the Canary Islands to the UK on the Air Alliance Challenger 604:

Loading a patient with this level of life-supporting equipment onto an aircraft requires very careful placement of equipment, crew positioning, and use of the Challenger’s electrically operated loading system. ECMO can be used for two main groups of patients: those with acute respiratory failure (Veno Venous ECMO) and those with some forms of cardiac failure (Veno Arterial ECMO).

04.11.2018 Winner ITIJ Air Ambulance Company of the Year

Huge congratulations to the team at Air Alliance for winning air ambulance provider of the year for the 2nd year running at ITIC Global Conference in Geneva.
It's an honour and a privilege to work with you guys!
A big thanks also to all our clients. We could not have done this without your ongoing support.

09.10.2018 Air Alliance Finalist for ITIJ Industry Awards 2018

Great news! We are excited and delighted to inform you that, again this year, Air Alliance has just been shortlisted as one of three finalists for the ITIJ Industry Awards 2018 in the category „Air Ambulance Operator of the Year“.

The renowned ITIJ Industry Awards are now in their 16th year. Nicknamed “the Oscars”, they are considered to be the foremost awards in the travel insurance industry. A big thank you to all of you – clients, staff and partners alike. Without your continuous support, we would not be here!. The award ceremony will be held on 1 November 2018 at the final dinner during ITIC Global in Geneva. Fingers crossed!

30.04.2018 Safety Management System @Air Alliance

SAFETY COMES FIRST Air Alliance has implemented a modern Web-/ App based system called "IQSMS" (Integrated Quality and Safety Management System). All documents are available in our "Electronic Flightbags" .This saves time and weight on the aircraft. Overall, we use i Phones / i Pads and have our flight operation documents always available via "Document Distribution" . The system also allows us to create and send reports from the flight operations, technical or medical units. The reports are allocated to the admins like e.g. the safety manager who filters the reports, evaluates risks and forwards the reports to the responsible manager .The "reporter" will always receive a message how his/her report was processed. After all we talk about a closed system which also includes the responsible managing director. That being said, Air Alliance has a system which is also used within the big commercial airlines. This is important as our operation requires even more flexibility due to worldwide operations.

14.11.2017 Air Alliance wins the Award “Air Ambulance Provider of the Year 2017”

Dear Air-Alliance Partner, fantastic news! We are delighted to inform you today that Air Alliance Medflight just won the prestigious award as „Air Ambulance Provider of the Year“ at the ITIJ Industry Awards in Barcelona. In the finals, Air Alliance was able to assert itself against to further competitors, receiving the award from Award Sponsor Larry Baker/ UC San Diego Health. The jury based their judgement on the fact that Air Alliance had shown continuous and solid growth over the past two years. Likewise, the company’s international setup with bases/ stations in Germany, the UK and Austria and their regular investment in a modern fleet, especially for long range flights, was positively emphasized. We would like to thank you all for your trust and your excellent support which made this achievement possible. To us, the nomination represents equally an incentive and a commitment to the future. It reminds us to do our job even better every day.

17.05.2017 ITIC Asia Pacific 2017

Let's catch up at ITIC Asia Pacific 2017.
Meet us at the Mandarin Oriental from 12-14 June!


From left to right; Capt Nick Krenn (visiting from the Austrian base), Chief Flight Nurse Tiina Kauhanen, FO Dan Sanders, Medical Director Dr Jon Warwick, Clinical Services Manager David Quayle and Director of UK Aeromedical Operations Jane Topliss

​The UK operating base of Air Alliance Medflight GmbH, situated at Birmingham International Airport, achieved a significant milestone this week. The team were awarded EURAMI accreditation following a very comprehensive application and onsite audit programme. This is an incredible achievement as they only commenced operations, after setting up the new UK base, less than 12 months ago in May 2016.

“I’m delighted that the team has achieved Eurami accreditation in such a short time” remarks Wolfgang Krombach, Managing Director; “The whole team has worked extremely hard to set up the UK base and integrate all aspects of medical operations into the Air Alliance Group. They thoroughly deserve the recognition that this accreditation brings.”

Whilst it is stated that to apply for Eurami accreditation the operator should have a minimum of two years of air ambulance operations and have completed a minimum of 250 medical flights, Air Alliance’s UK aeromedical team were able to demonstrate to the Eurami board that they met the necessary criteria, thereby allowing them to apply within 6 months of commencing operations.

The UK team brought a wealth of experience with them when they joined Air Alliance Medflight following many years in the air ambulance industry. Their commitment to continually evolve air ambulance standards is reflected by David Quayle being appointed as a CAMTS EU site surveyor in July 2016.
Air Alliance currently has two Learjet 35A’s based in Birmingham which mainly serves the UK client base. These aircraft form part of a much larger operation which has bases in 3 European countries and a total of 15 aircraft including 2 Challenger 604’s and 2 Learjet 55’s. Air Alliance work in partnership with Eurami accredited MedCare Professionals from their German and Austrian bases.

07.02.2017 ITIC Americas 2017

02.02.2017 In all weathers across the air ambulance skies

In all weathers: in a short interview, Captain Alex Moog and First Officer Isabel Helmrath tell you more
about their daily life in the cockpit of an air ambulance plane.

How long have you been working for Air Alliance?
AM: I have been working as a captain for Air Alliance for the past six years on worldwide air ambulance flights exclusively.
IH: Since 2012, I have been working for Air Alliance as First Officer, mostly on air ambulance missions, occasionally also on surveying flights.
You are flying worldwide missions. How do you plan wind and weather in advance?
AM: Prior to a mission, we meet at the airport and get the relevant information from our briefing site in the internet.  We have access to all information like the flight routing, fuel consumption, weather and any unique features of all airports and airspace which we will be crossing during the flight.
IH: When flying on international missions, there are, for example, regional „specialties“ like rainy season, monsoon etc. On certain airports there are particular weather conditions, e.g. wind shear in Madeira or ash clouds in Iceland.
Once you are in the air, how do you follow up with the weather conditions?
IH: During the flight, up to date weather info is available via radio, nav-aids, Garmin or sat-phone. On the ground, the handling will prepare weather information for the flight. Internationally, that works really well with the exception of very remote areas, like, for example, small airfields in Africa.
What are the biggest weather challenges during a flight?
AM: For me, the biggest weather challenges are thunder storms, strong wind, tornadoes or icing on the runway. Up to a certain degree, these phenomena can be well assessed and pre-planned. If this is not possible, you always need plan B: have enough fuel in the tank and safe airports in case of diversion. Nonetheless, there are weather conditions in which you simply cannot fly. In this case, you simply need to wait, fly around or not to even take off.
How do you make sure that you have enough fuel in the tank if there is a diversion?
AM: Our documents tell us were precisely how much fuel we will need. The calculation is done based upon current wind and weather models, flight routing and flight altitude in an IT planning system. On top, there are statutory safety margins for additional fuel consumption in case an alternative airport is approached for a potential holding (waiting in the air).
On top, pilots may add extra margins for bad weather or other imponderables.
What is your favorite destination?
AM: Honestly, I could not tell you my favorite destination. There are many fantastic airports in the whole world which I really like to approach. It could be the surroundings, special people, different local cultures and sometimes it is simply better weather when it rains back home. Especially here in the company, I like the varied destinations and daily new challenges on air ambulance flights.
Are there patients with fear of flying and what do you do in such a case?
AM: Yes, there are.  Sometimes, it is the patient, sometimes the companions. In most cases it really helps if we pilots explain to them the details of the flight and what they can expect. This gives them a good impression of the crew in the cockpit who will bring them safely home. Especially with the companions, we notice how fast their fear disappears once they peek into the cockpit: we show them how redundant and safe everything is and they develop trust very fast.
Do you have any special memories from a flight?
AM: Yes, many! For example, when we landed with very strong winds in Iceland and were almost blown away on the icy ground when unloading the patient together with the local fire fighters.  In Algeria we had to wait for hours after a sandstorm became so intense that you could not see the runway anymore.
IH: As a small anecdote, I remember a flight from Lagos/Nigeria via Chad to Mumbai in India. In Mumbai there was monsoon weather. The runway was really wet and after landing, it started raining (tropical) cats and dogs. We could not see the taxiway and longer and had to follow very slowly a Marshall in his Follow-Me-car. Within minutes, all streets were flooded completely. After unloading, we were all soaked to the skin and needed to dry ourselves in the hotel. As a girl from Siegerland, I am pretty much used to heavy rain, but I have never experienced something as intense in my life.  

29.11.2016 Air Alliance Medflight welcomes second Challenger 604 to their fleet

Since we entered the premium #longrange air ambulance segment in November 2015 with our first #Challenger 604 (D-AONE), the demand has exceeded all of our expectations. Therefore we are very pleased to announce the addition of our second Challenger 604 (tail sign: D-ATWO). This aircraft will join our base in Cologne / Germany.

With a range of close to 7,000 km the Challenger flies nonstop from Europe to the East Coast of the United States or it can reach South East Asia from Europe with only one fuel stop. This has significant benefits to the patient and crew comfort. Patient loading takes place very safely using an electrical ramp which can be carried throughout the flight.

The Challenger can carry up to three-stretchers and is capable of carrying simultaneously two ventilated intensive care patients and one non-intensive care patient. It has an auxiliary power unit (APU) allowing the crew to keep the cabin comfortably cool or warm during ground time. Cabin kitchen and sanitary facilities round off the onboard services. Combining versatility and reliability, the Challenger 604 jet is the perfect aircraft for long range and #multi-patient transports.

07.11.2016 Air Alliance goes global at #ITICGlobal Berlin 2016

It was an exciting week with lots of inspiring moments, excellent meetings and a great team spirit!
Thank you for visiting.

From left to right:
David Quayle (Clinical Services Manager UK), Eva Kluge (Director Sales & Business Development), Benedikt Böckling (Ground Operations), Jane Topliss (Director UK Aeromedical Services),
Prof. Dr. Walter Klimscha (Medical Director Austria).

14.10.2016 #Challenger 604: a star in the sky

Around the globe, perfect for challenging longrange #aeromedical missions:
Our two #Challengers 604 in the autumn sun.

19.09.2016 ITIC Global Berlin 2016

Ever been to #Berlin? Then it it's time to go! Please visit us at stand no. 5 right next to the registration area. We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!

06.09.2016 Repatriating your patient to a UK ICU bed

UK clinical services manager at Air Alliance Medflight David Quayle explores the repatriation of patients to UK ICU beds.
Learn more at:

09.08.2016 Air Alliance adds second Learjet 35 to their UK operation, CQC approval

We are delighted to announce that, due to the huge support that Air Alliance has received following the opening of the Birmingham facility in May, we have further increased our capacity by adding a second Learjet 35A to our UK operations.

Pleased with the additional aircraft (from left to right): Capt. Nick Krenn, Chief Flight Nurse Tiina Kauhanen, FO Dan Sanders, Medical Director Dr. Jon Warwick, Clinical Services Manager David Quayle
Pleased with the additional aircraft (from left to right): Capt. Nick Krenn, Chief Flight Nurse Tiina Kauhanen, FO Dan Sanders, Medical Director Dr. Jon Warwick, Clinical Services Manager David Quayle

To help with the increase of availability, two new First Officers have joined the team in Birmingham. Dan Sanders and Tim Gurney-Coombs bring with them a wealth of experience in Air Ambulance operations, having more than 15 years of experience between them. They have joined a very highly skilled team in Birmingham which has an average of 6,000 flight hours each across the flight crew.   

All flight enquiries are centrally handled from our German alarm center:
Phone: +49 2736 4428 45 //

Air Alliance UK Operations approved as Provider by Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Following weeks of preparing and an audit or several hours, we are very pleased to inform you that our UK operation is now officially registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission), the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. This is another milestone achieved by our team in terms of quality and patient safety.

02.05.2016 Meet our UK team: Air Alliance Medflight opens medical office in Birmingham

Air Alliance Medflight has continued its rapid expansion of air ambulance services by setting up a UK based aeromedical team. 

Our new UK medical team, from left to right: Dr Jon Warwick, Tiina Kauhanen and David Quayle

“We are very excited to announce that we now have integrated medical capabilities in the UK which are led by Medical Director, Dr Jon Warwick and Clinical Services Manager, David Quayle. We have further enhanced this team by Chief Flight Nurse, Tiina Kauhanen and Jane Topliss who will oversee the entire UK operation.” says Wolfgang Krombach, Managing Director at Air Alliance Medflight. “The UK presents an exciting opportunity, and we recognise that local skills and reputation are extremely important. Dr Warwick and his team will enable us to work very closely with our clients and help with specialist services such as hospital admissions and road ambulance bookings in the UK and ROI,” continues Mr. Krombach.

The UK based services will operate from modern facilities at Birmingham Airport and initially will have 2 Learjets 35A, both available in double stretcher configuration. All client requests will be handled centrally from Medflight’s Alarm Center in Germany.

24/ 7 contact:
+49 2736 4428 45

Dr Jon Warwick is looking forward to being involved in the continued expansion of Air Alliance Medflight; “This represents a very exciting opportunity for the UK and ROI market. Air Alliance Medflight operates a fleet of 15 air ambulance aircraft total, consisting of Challenger 604, Learjet 55 and 35A. The teams of Air Alliance Medflight are all dedicated to its core principles: excellent quality and patient safety.”

13.10.2015 Challenger 604

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our fleet under AOC D-266: a long range Challenger 604!

The Challenger comes in an up to three-stretcher version and is capable of carrying simultaneously two ventilated intensive care patients and one none intensive care patient.

The stretcher units are equipped with a tech-pod for secure in-flight storage of monitoring devices, respirator and perfusion pumps including outlets for AC and DC energy supply and oxygen supply. An auxiliary power unit (APU) allows to keep the cabin comfortably cool or warm during ground time. Cabin kitchen and sanitary facility round off the services. 

By design the Challenger 604 provides medical crews and patients with the widest - and one of the quietest - cabins in the industry and allows a very comfortable and tranquil mode of aero-medical transport.

Combining versatility and reliability with cost efficiency, matching that of smaller jets, the Challenger 604 jet is the perfect aircraft for intercontinental transports.

Characteristics: Challenger 604

  • Type: Twin Jet engine Air-conditioned & Pressurized

  • Configuration: 10 seats or up to 3 stretchers

  • Cruise Speed: 470 kts/ 870 km/h

  • Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft/ 12.500 m

  • Range: 3.700 nm / 6.850 km

More info at our 24/7 alarm center: +49 2736 44 28 45 
or by email

01.08.2015 Eva Kluge has joined our company as new Director of Sales and Business Development

We are very pleased to inform you that, as of 1 August 2015, Eva Kluge has joined our company as new Director of Sales and Business Development.

Eva has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Her professional career includes, among others, 7 years at Europ Assistance Munich in various roles as well as 10 years at Munich Re/ ERGO Group as Head of International Medical Provider Network and Key Account Manager Medical Assistance/ Healthcare for international insurers. Prior to joining Air Alliance she spent 2 years in Austria as Head of Sales and Marketing for a renowned Air Ambulance company. Eva has studied Healthcare Management and speaks fluently five languages, among them Arabic.

You can reach Eva at:
mobile: +49 170 366 4933
Tel. +49 2736 4428 45