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Challenger 604

Posted 13.10.2015
We are proud to announce the latest addition to our fleet under AOC D-266: a long range Challenger 604!

The Challenger comes in an up to three-stretcher version and is capable of carrying simultaneously two ventilated intensive care patients and one none intensive care patient.

The stretcher units are equipped with a tech-pod for secure in-flight storage of monitoring devices, respirator and perfusion pumps including outlets for AC and DC energy supply and oxygen supply. An auxiliary power unit (APU) allows to keep the cabin comfortably cool or warm during ground time. Cabin kitchen and sanitary facility round off the services. 

By design the Challenger 604 provides medical crews and patients with the widest - and one of the quietest - cabins in the industry and allows a very comfortable and tranquil mode of aero-medical transport.

Combining versatility and reliability with cost efficiency, matching that of smaller jets, the Challenger 604 jet is the perfect aircraft for intercontinental transports.

Characteristics: Challenger 604

  • Type: Twin Jet engine Air-conditioned & Pressurized

  • Configuration: 10 seats or up to 3 stretchers

  • Cruise Speed: 470 kts/ 870 km/h

  • Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft/ 12.500 m

  • Range: 3.700 nm / 6.850 km

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