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Posted 24.03.2017

From left to right; Capt Nick Krenn (visiting from the Austrian base), Chief Flight Nurse Tiina Kauhanen, FO Dan Sanders, Medical Director Dr Jon Warwick, Clinical Services Manager David Quayle and Director of UK Aeromedical Operations Jane Topliss

​The UK operating base of Air Alliance Medflight GmbH, situated at Birmingham International Airport, achieved a significant milestone this week. The team were awarded EURAMI accreditation following a very comprehensive application and onsite audit programme. This is an incredible achievement as they only commenced operations, after setting up the new UK base, less than 12 months ago in May 2016.

“I’m delighted that the team has achieved Eurami accreditation in such a short time” remarks Wolfgang Krombach, Managing Director; “The whole team has worked extremely hard to set up the UK base and integrate all aspects of medical operations into the Air Alliance Group. They thoroughly deserve the recognition that this accreditation brings.”

Whilst it is stated that to apply for Eurami accreditation the operator should have a minimum of two years of air ambulance operations and have completed a minimum of 250 medical flights, Air Alliance’s UK aeromedical team were able to demonstrate to the Eurami board that they met the necessary criteria, thereby allowing them to apply within 6 months of commencing operations.

The UK team brought a wealth of experience with them when they joined Air Alliance Medflight following many years in the air ambulance industry. Their commitment to continually evolve air ambulance standards is reflected by David Quayle being appointed as a CAMTS EU site surveyor in July 2016.
Air Alliance currently has two Learjet 35A’s based in Birmingham which mainly serves the UK client base. These aircraft form part of a much larger operation which has bases in 3 European countries and a total of 15 aircraft including 2 Challenger 604’s and 2 Learjet 55’s. Air Alliance work in partnership with Eurami accredited MedCare Professionals from their German and Austrian bases.