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Safety Management System @Air Alliance

Posted 30.04.2018
SAFETY COMES FIRST Air Alliance has implemented a modern Web-/ App based system called "IQSMS" (Integrated Quality and Safety Management System). All documents are available in our "Electronic Flightbags" .This saves time and weight on the aircraft. Overall, we use i Phones / i Pads and have our flight operation documents always available via "Document Distribution" . The system also allows us to create and send reports from the flight operations, technical or medical units. The reports are allocated to the admins like e.g. the safety manager who filters the reports, evaluates risks and forwards the reports to the responsible manager .The "reporter" will always receive a message how his/her report was processed. After all we talk about a closed system which also includes the responsible managing director. That being said, Air Alliance has a system which is also used within the big commercial airlines. This is important as our operation requires even more flexibility due to worldwide operations.