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Our Team
Qualified, experienced and human.


The medical care on board Air Alliance Medflight aircraft is provided by either by our integrated medical teams in the UK and, for missions out of Germany and Austria, by our medical co-operation partner MedcareProfessional. With access to senior multi-lingual clinicians and medical staff from the UK, Germany and Austria we can cater to all potential patient requirements.

Medical team members are recruited following very strict guidelines. All medical flight crews undertake comprehensive aeromedical training prior to any flights. In addition they are committed to continuous medical education in all transport-medicine related topics including flight physiology, intensive care medicine and patient handling. Air Alliance Medflight regularly undertakes high fidelity simulator training and Crew Resource Management (CRM) courses for all medical teams. Teams are multilingual, good command of spoken and written English is mandatory. Likewise, intercultural competence is a must.

Air Alliance has the medical capability to transfer a wide range of patient acuities including:
- critical care
- neonatal and paediatric
- ECMO (patients on assist devices)
- bariatric ("XXL") patients
- Long range ventilation



All Pilots in Command and First Officers of Air Alliance have several thousand hours of flight experience and regularly train on the simulator.
Each year, Air Alliance Medflight sets out some 900 missions around the globe. Due to this wide range of activity, our flight crews are very familiar with working in challenging conditions and different gegraphical environments.
With missions in at least 100 countries each year worldwide, they are familiar with challenging situations with regard to weather conditions and airports around the globe.
They are very experienced with air ambulance patient transport and closely collaborate with the medical teams.